What is community media

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Community media is defined as a distinct sector of the media for their independence, base in civil society and provision of a social service as opposed to seeking profits.

This platform brings about sustainable development through social innovation like skill development, economical ability, village linked tourism, integrated rural hub, rural market and economy based project which aids skill development and self-employment by bringing an end to unemployment.

A development which meets the need of the people without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet theirs.

Story behind I-CACE

This platform is inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream Project "PuRA" whose core vision is bringing Sustainable Development through Social Innovation and his great book called “INDIA 2020” I-CACE - World’s first Community Media that stands at a very high mark in bringing a sustainable developed environment and society aiding growth among us.

What is I-CACE Community Media

Interactive Community Accelaration Center for Excellence is a forum that builds excellence in sustanability development through an community participation where everyone has the opportunity to grow and progress, and where people can exist in harmony,

Why I-CACE Community Media?

In India,‭ ‬there are‭ ‬160‭ ‬million people in the working age group.‭ ‬Despite the existing opportunities,‭ ‬the unemployment rate is expected to increase from‭ ‬17.8‭ ‬million in‭ ‬2017‭ ‬to‭ ‬18‭ ‬million this year,‭ ‬according to World Employment and Social Outlook report released by The United Nations International Labour Organisation‭ (‬ILO‭)‬.‭ ‬The prime reasons for these are as follows

How I-CACE Community Media creates sustainability?

I-CACE community media creates sustainability by grouping these social innovations as communities.

Skill development and economical-‭ ‬a career learning integration that brings recruiters and recruits together and removes the barriers of skill‭ & ‬knowledge Gap.‭ ‬This commune provides learning tools alongside courses which develops users skill.‭

How Community Integration Works in I-CACE

Integrating Career and Learning Commune-‭ ‬remove skill gap-‭ ‬making education as a solution for unemployment:‭ ‬A system which will map the skill set of potential employees to designated job positions and predict changes in the local/‭ ‬global labour market.‭ ‬Based on the changes,‭ ‬it will carry out capacity building of the individuals to help them cope with the changing skill and educational requirement.‭ ‬This in a way will prepare the existing workforce for an upgrade for future global as well as local market.