Story behind

As the society is growing each day so is the need to acquire knowledge also growing, so we need a platform where ideas can be shared. Ideas & Dreams converted to reality. Interaction commune is an economy based project and its core idea is to information connectivity across the communes which is inspired by Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam vision called "PURA".

What is interaction commune?

Interaction commune is a community where people can share their thoughts which are converted to reality using our unique tool called loop in.‭ ‬Now you can post your thoughts through loop in and derive pieces of information from others through poll technique,‭ ‬due to diverse results from the poll you can create a debate which gives a specific result.‭ ‬Having this result you can form a forum where others can drop points on your chosen result which can now be shared on a blog.

How does interaction commune work?

Working procedure is very simple,‭ ‬assume you want to buy a car.‭ ‬Now you post a loop in saying‭ "‬wanting to buy a car‭"‬,‭ ‬from the comments you create a poll with options for people to drop their opinions.‭ ‬once you create a debate on this poll,‭ ‬people can now give reasons for which is best.‭ ‬You now have a result based on the ranking which you can use to create a forum for discussion on various angles like the car models,‭ ‬price,‭ ‬availability and so on.‭ ‬A blog can be shared with this information to assist others who have a similar‭ ‬loop in.


The benefit of using interaction commune is that you get to have frank discussions, debates, blogs and polls which broadens the issue thereby giving vast range of ideas with in-depth meaning.

Story behind

The benefit of using interaction commune is that you get to have frank discussions,‭ ‬debates,‭ ‬blogs,‭ ‬and polls which broadens the issue thereby giving a vast range of ideas with in-depth meaning.

Interaction commune is a great way to meet and interact with new people.‭ ‬Life-changing ideas can be brought up to increase knowledge on different topics raised in this community.

How does career commune work?

Users can search for online job listings,‭ ‬full time and part time openings.‭ ‬Job listings from thousands of websites including company career sites,‭ ‬job boards,‭ ‬newspaper classifieds,‭ ‬associations,‭ ‬and other online sources of job postings.

This platform allows the user to create professional resumes,‭ ‬CV,‭ ‬and bio-data online for free,‭ ‬in minutes,‭ ‬participate in an online exam which works like a Validated Pre-Hiring Tests,‭ ‬take video interviews and attend an online walk-in interview.

The Video Interview can be used as a remote meeting for potential employees.‭ ‬The answers can be recorded by the candidates and submitted.‭ ‬Video Interview can be both online or offline.‭ ‬With our GD and video conference is designed for real-time Group Discussion‭ (‬GD‭) ‬or video conference interview.‭ ‬It allows individuals to access a virtual environment remotely.

Our Online Walk-In interview allows a candidate to participate in real-time Walk-in interviews.‭ ‬An interview can be given by a candidate from any place of his/‭ ‬her choice either from home,‭ ‬office,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬Users are provided a strategic career planning tool to evaluate career choices and help prepare a realistic vision.‭


Advanced recruietment tools such as exams, video interview, group discussion, online walkin and ranking helps the recruiters plan and conduct recruietment very easly and completely online.

This platform helps set individuals to set a vision and I-CACE to set mission according to the visions by analysing and giving a career pattern. A learning platform is also provided to share courses, books, webinars and articles to users to achive this missions.

Story behind

Learning is a continuous process and it shouldnt be limited to only graduation. So an education backup plan to upgrade us which is inspired by the thought of skill development and economic ability by Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam vision called "PURA".

What is learning commune?

This is a community which gives continuous acquiring of knowledge at your own pace and at a comfortable time and place.‭ ‬I-CACE connects to large journal database available online which carries information of the articles/‭ ‬research papers that are available only in print issues.‭ ‬Users can use webinar as an interactive element whereby Information can be disseminated,‭ ‬received and discussed in real-time.‭ ‬The platform allows users to read books online free and download eBook.‭ ‬With a provided learning planner study schedule is created,‭ ‬this planner establishes an effective study routine by scheduling events on the user‭’‬s calendar.

How does learning commune work?

For course creators it works as a tool where in they can create course and use webinar to connect with their course and share the course over view with millions of students in real time. The course content can anytime be converted in to an ebook and set it for sales as well as conduting article writing as part of course and be shared under articles which can be revivewed by millions of intellectuals.

For individuals It works through the aid of article search in finding related courses or university, webinary search, ebooks and articles. An easy way to find certications.


Learning commune platform provides an in-depth view on required skill sets for the current job market as this system is interconnected with different global educational portals to help user attend worlds best webinars and seminars and help him/‭ ‬her to follow the instructors.

The library subscribes to a wide range of online services,‭ ‬including article databases,‭ ‬research directories,‭ ‬and practice tests.

Users can browse and download huge volume e-books from ICACE.‭

Users can develop a long-term career vision with the help of our learning planner.

Story behind

There is less integrated system which brings about low count of self employment. We want to create a facility whereby the agriculture plus raw material sectors can grow. An integrated rural hub which is inspired by Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam vision called "PURA".

what is buying and selling?

A platform where users can buy any item by searching for various items they want to acquire.‭ ‬Users can also sell his/her unwanted items by uploading pictures of the goods,‭ ‬provide potential buyers with video description and receive a bargain.

This platform provides a new place on the web to showcase and sell any kind of products and services.‭ ‬Buyers can make milestones for making payments for single products and services.‭ ‬With our advanced wallet system,‭ ‬users can deposit money in their wallet and assign that amount for the payment of a product or service.

How does it work?

It works by a simple approach whereby sellers can upload pictures with a video description of their goods for customers and input the informations including the price and the payment mode. The buyers can either search for their product or provided information with a description of what they want.

I cace shares this informations to each other based on the best match. It works like an integrated market place where buyers and sellers can meet each other, greet and experiance the new way of buying and selling.


when buying and selling within your local community one can be assured that your goods are going to or coming from a trusted origin.‭ ‬Community buying and selling is fair,‭ ‬safe and brings a feeling of well-being to all.

I-cace provides unique features for sellers to sell fresh as well as second-hand things,‭ ‬users can get rid of their unwanted stuff for cash by listing the used goods for selling to huge communities eager to buy.

User can choose if he wants to bid or sell the product at a fixed price.

The user can also choose the payment method through which they want to receive the products.

User can pay in advance or upload the money and set the milestone,‭ ‬once the user receives the product or service he can release the amount.I-CACE has the lowest commission charges which aid smooth transaction.

Story behind

Most rural areas and small towns have lots of tourism possibilities that can be explored which can aid in self employment and raise revenue as the localites can act as tour guides, transportation providers and with accomodation provision. Village linked tourisam which is inspired by Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam vision called "PURA".

what is travel and accomodation?

This is a commune which helps users plan their travel and provisional rest place.‭ ‬Its a place where travelers can find the best transportation and accommodation service.‭ ‬This community helps individuals on their trips by providing assured and comfortable vacations based on various travel modes,‭ ‬types of available accommodations.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬user can have expert travel information from online community groups,‭ ‬forums,‭ ‬reviews,‭ ‬blogs,‭ ‬articles,‭ ‬tips,‭ ‬advice,‭ ‬ideas for getaways and vacation planning.

How does it work?

Find the cheapest safest and best transportation services such as cab,‭ ‬bus,‭ ‬train,‭ ‬and flight.‭ ‬Find the best place for accommodation and advanced planning facility for your trip.‭ ‬This planning facility provides road maps,‭ ‬bus routes for users.‭ ‬Users can search and make hotel bookings.

Rather than focusing on broad aspects of a destination,‭ ‬the user can choose from several theme-based tour packages and explore various Indian and International destinations.

‭ ‬

The platform helps with the user‭’‬s travel and accommodation requirement and provide him a solution by using our travel and accommodation planner.‭ ‬Users can use this planner to get the best travel and accommodation facilities.


You can easily modify your plan with ease. Source of self-employment to users providing the travel and accommodation facilities.

User can choose from a wide range of themes such as honeymoon packages,‭ ‬Family Vacations,‭ ‬Beach Holidays,‭ ‬Wildlife tours and other theme packages.

Travel with confidence and sureness.