I-CACE - World’s first Community Media – Inspired from DR. APJ Abdul Kalama’s dream Project "PuRA", Community Media’s core vision is Sustainability through social innovation and creates a better economy.

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Be the opportunity to shape our world for a sustainable future by being a part of ICACE crowd funding campaign and Play a part to build a better community media network.

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The Story Behind Crowdfunding

Great Tomorrow Begins Here!

I-CACE is a platform that brings about sustainable development through social innovation like skill development,‭ ‬economical ability,‭ ‬village linked tourism,‭ ‬integrated rural hub,‭ ‬rural market and economy based project which aids skill development and self employment by bringing an end to unemployment.‭ ‬This‭ ‬platform is inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream Project‭ "‬PuRA‭" ‬whose core vision is bringing Sustainable Development through Social Innovation

The idea about this crowdfunding is to be able to bring this great idea into implementation which will in turn develop ourselves and our society.‭ ‬With your support we can bring I-CACE Community Media to life through crowdfunding.

How it works

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Awesome Features

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