I-CACE - World’s first Community Media – Inspired from DR. APJ Abdul Kalama’s dream Project "PuRA", Community Media’s core vision is Sustainability through social innovation and creates a better economy.

Crowd Funding

Be the opportunity to shape our world for a sustainable future by being a part of ICACE crowd funding campaign and Play a part to build a better community media network.

Ad Market

Putting right ad at the right advertising channel, maximizes your revenue and minimizes your efforts.

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The Story Behind Us

IBF Labs Operates as a social enterprises, commercial media and public network for a specific purpose viz., creating a better future for the world. IBF Labs a core vision of social sustainability through social innovation.

We are proud on our capability to balance global sustainability and have the best practice across our approach, commitment and solutions for all our people, our clients and our economy.


IBF Labs's vission to form a multifaceted network, connecting individuals to organizations & governmental bodies and vice versa, to create, share and reinvent information instantly in order to become the change that we look forward to, in this world.


I-CACE perceives to create a community media platform in which individuals, organizations and governmental bodies come together, to share their dreams & exchange ideas to make a positive impact from their respective states of being.


To make the ever-evolving world endowed to face future challenges, and make their dreams come true irrespective of the trials thereby creating a better world.

Join us now to make your impact

By Joining IBF Labs, you'll be a world citizen and be a part of sustainable community which takes responsibility for improving the world together and grow on daily basis.
When you will connect with us you will find, your full potential to make an impact which matters on your education, career and future for a better world. IBF Labs provides opportunities for driving change in you and shape the world around you in endless manner which is entirely up to you.